Wider Fields

Being Zion

"We must the onward path pursue 
As wider fields expand to view, 
And follow him unceasingly, 
Whate’er our lot or sphere may be."

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General Musings

"There’s a damnable shortage of gratitude in the modern academy. And that’s based on a naiveté or a resentment and a willful blindness to the reality of history that’s so deep that it’s almost incomprehensible." So declared Jordan Peterson in an interview by Dennis Prager. Lots to think about...

Monday Wars

General Musings

Here's a thought for the Monday morning preceding Memorial Day. (Wow! An actual post! Yeah, well, I've been busy with a new career and winding down our business of 20 years. More on all that later. My apologies for the gap in posts. I'll do better.)

Authority and Choices

General Musings

Much discussion can be found regarding the current status of "authority" in the modern LDS institution. Some say this and others that; each making a case for their stand, making related decisions very difficult for those not studied in either scripture or church history. My task here is to simplify and clarify.

Think vs Feel

General Musings

A dear friend of mine is learning about the sacrifices necessary to follow the Lord and the truths of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is learning about the conflict between those whose eyes are opened, who follow Christ and Him only, and are becoming more like rational and intelligent beings, and those who, instead, have become emotionally dependent on the mother ship.

Enos, Faith, and Charity, Part 1

The Book of Papa

This week we're going to chat a bit about Enos. We'll finish up with him next week. The Book of Enos is only one short chapter long but it is filled with lots of good stuff. Okay, here goes:

Letter to a New Missionary

The Book of Papa

This is the bulk of a letter I just sent via email to my grandson who arrived at the MTC just days ago. No matter what you may think of the modern LDS institution, these young men show great faith and courage as they venture out into Babylon to preach of Christ, Him risen, and His Gospel restored. My grandson is off to Madagascar.

And thanks, to the kind reader who caught the error in the last scripture reference. Much appreciated!

Removing The Condemnation

General Musings

A variety of Joseph Smith, Jr. references from the book Removing the Condemnation by Denver Snuffer. This valuable work was compiled by my good friend Kjell Larson.

Rational and Intelligent Beings

General Musings

(With MP3) The Third Lecture on Faith asserts an important prerequisite principle we often miss but which is essential to the process of gaining faith.

The Question, Part 4

General Musings

This is the fourth of a 4-part series. In our analysis, we don’t have to have a set of blueprints of the Nauvoo temple. We don’t have to understand all the details of the plans by which we can judge whether or not the Nauvoo saints finished it. All we have to do is observe which of the two sets of promises the Lord fulfilled.

The Question, Part 3

General Musings

This is the third of a 4-part series. Knowing the Lord’s propensity for warning us, there must be a scripture somewhere that definitively describes our day and our folly—a scripture so plain that its meaning is unmistakable.

The Question, Part 2

General Musings

This is the second of a 4-part series. There is a question being asked both by those whose study has led them to ask it and also by the Lord directly to those who are ready to hear it.

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