On Singing Carols at Christmas

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I listened to the music and it was beautiful,
But the Lord was not in the music.

I understood the words and they were inspiring,
But the Lord was not in the words.

I watched the faces of my brothers and sisters,
But the Lord was not in the faces.

And then I felt something wonderful. It filled me with everlasting peace and indescribable joy. It was the simple thought, of His very birth. He was here, just as He promised, to save, to solve, to salve. My worried mind, calmed. He IS here!

Tears flowed, 
And the Lord was in my heart.

I am grateful for the music.
I am grateful for the words.
I am grateful for the faces.

But mostly, I am grateful for His merciful patience with me, while melts the iron sinew from my neck, and brass from my brow. I am grateful that obedience has turned from an annoyance, to joyful sweetness. There is no fear of punishment. I only want Him to be proud of me.

I thought my heart was small until He filled it with the immensity of His love.

I have learned to hear with new ears, know with new understanding, see with new eyes, and feel with a new heart.

And all, because of Him. 

He lives to bless me with His love. He lives!

Merry Christmas

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