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It was an hour of peace and rest, apart from Babylon. All gathered with one heart and one mind—to worship our Savior and celebrate His birth.

The air filled with heartfelt gratitude. Even while accomplishing mundane tasks of preparation, thoughts centered on Him and His humble entrance into mortality. His example.

Among all the billions, the task was His, alone. Two tasks, actually. Quantity for all. Immortality. And quality, for those who accept His offering. The possibility of the latter hung in the air, that morning. Clean. Pure. Lovely. 

There were no contentions or disputations, no envying or strife. All contributed. Then songs to our Savior. Sacrament administered. 

Souls fed, attention turned to stomachs. Good people, good food, good conversation. Contributions by so many made a sumptuous table. We were blessed.

And then a Christmas carol: Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains. Glory to God in the Highest! Peace on earth, good will toward men!

The program continued with alternating narration and song, each with its message of history and hope. We look back now, while Nephites looked forward. The only way to get to Bethlehem, from either time, is by faith. Faith is the fuel of our journey. This was a celebration of faith! Joseph Smith would be proud, and our Savior would smile.

I cannot imagine better gifts.

Merry Christmas


Here's the link: Fellowship Christmas Program

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