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This is a blog primarily for believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Restoration brought about by the hand of God through Joseph Smith and the organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Because our message is both interesting and vital, I do not want to ignore the rest of the world. And so, in an effort to introduce and explain what Latter-day Saints believe and why, I have included sections in the blog for that purpose also.

The reason for the different sections is similar, for instance, to a task introducing classical music to a group unfamiliar with that style and another group who had studied it for years. Those who were just beginning their journey would have little or no familiarity with musical notation, nomenclature, or various recognized master composers. An advanced discussion would have little value for them. Just the opposite would be true if I addressed the studied group as beginning students.

This is also not a discussion blog.You are welcomed to send comments via the email link to the left, and I may publish or comment on them but I can guarantee neither. My intention is not self aggrandizement or contention. If my efforts are of value to any, then I am pleased. If not, you have my wholehearted invitation to read elsewhere. My efforts are known to God and, hopefully please Him, and that is enough.

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