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Just an additional word, before we move on, about an implication. The blog is for believers in the Doctrine of Christ with an honest interest in our faith who seek a better understanding of it. Whether as a part of an effort to bolster existing testimony, investigate its truthfulness, or to satisfy curiosity, my effort is the same. There is some tenderness to the subject matter as it touches hearts. Latter-day Saints have no secrets. Nothing will be revealed here which could not be discussed in any Latter-day Saint home, and hopefully is. The implication is that we have something to hide or something secret that we don't want the world at large to know.

The truth is quite the opposite, of course, as many tens-of-thousands of our missionaries figuratively shout the message from every housetop. Here, we will substantially and earnestly delve into issues that are tender and engender deep, heartfelt feelings, and exquisite spiritual insight. These are issues requiring faith, purity, a lack of guile, and a desire for a closeness to the Spirit of God for feelings of understanding.

Even that phrase, "feelings of understanding" is a foreign concept to much of the world. It relates to actual revelation from God and just that phrase could have 10,000 words written about it as an introduction. To a Latter-day Saint of faith those words would have value. To the world, they would be mostly ridiculed. Hence the two sections of the blog. One for those seeking an introduction and the other for those seeking more depth. A third section, for those seeking contention, is conspicuously nonexistent.

This is also decidedly not a scholarly work. In later posts I may include scriptures and other references to support specific points, however, in the introduction I will not. If I raise curiousity about some claim about content in the Bible or some other issue, please feel free to study on your own. There are many books on these general LDS subjects such as what we call the "Great Apostacy." Any LDS bookstore will help in your education or ask a missionary. My goal in the introduction is to touch on these and many other subjects quickly and not in depth.

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