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Being Zion

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I have created a new category of posts this being the first post in that category. The category is called “Being Zion.” I can think of no other current subject that has the importance or relevance to outrank it. If a road is judged by its destination, and we consider the destination our world’s road is hurtling toward with bloodcurdling cacophony, we might come to one of two conclusions: 1) There is no hope as we’re pulled into the cesspool of lies and deception. We are toast and will destroy ourselves with a meltdown of economic and international violence the likes of which the world has never conceived, or, 2) The Lord will gather and protect people who come to Him, repent, are baptized, and become a Zion people all the while ignoring the surrounding chaos and violence.

The second option begs the question: What, therefore, is a Zion people and how do you become such? I certainly do not have the definitive answer, however, there are enough scriptures on the subject and authoritatively well thought-out opinions available that we ought to be able to come close. With the Holy Ghost as a partner in the effort I believe we can get very, very close.

Perhaps, at the outset, there is an even more fundamental question to ask. If we, as people who believe the scriptures requiring Zion as being established just prior to the Lord’s coming in glory to the earth for the last time, and we further believe that the time to that eventual end grows nearer by the year and even, perhaps, month, why is the subject of Zion virtually ignored by the modern LDS church? The correlated curriculum hardly mentions it and the number of General Conference talks with it as their theme have been nonexistent for years. 

How could this monumental, fundamental, and required event be so ignored? We will attempt to analyze this conundrum and determine what our role ought to be in these final days of the earth’s mortal history. The journey promises to be quite a ride. So saddle up and let’s hit the trail.

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