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Had a very interesting chat with some friends the other night. This fellow and his wife  are very nice people and are very much TBMs. (True blue Mormons) We were chatting about various things and somehow we got on the subject of women and faith and the priesthood. I related how David O. McKay had warned Harold B. Lee about not going further with correlation than the plan to reorganize the lesson manual production. Of course, Harold B. Lee went far beyond that.

Then I mentioned how the auxiliaries, (Sunday school, Priesthood quorums, MIA, Relief Society, Primary), were all independent with their own leadership, budgets, fund raising, etc. And that the Relief Society even had its own magazine and was run completely by the women who did a wonderful job and accomplished much. I further mentioned that it was entirely foreseeable that once correlation had put the auxiliaries under the thumb of the priesthood that the women of the Relief Society might not be entirely happy. All it would take, to upset the women, was a well thought out and inspired plan brought to an unthinking, uninspired (they do exist, by the way) bishop who would disapprove.

At that point it’s easy to see the women saying: “Well, if you have to hold the priesthood to run an organization, then give us the priesthood!” This would have been entirely foreseeable to prophets, seers, and revelators. David O. McKay might not have foreseen this specific problem but he sensed that correlation beyond the lesson manuals was not a good thing. Harold B. Lee disagreed and moved ahead anyway with his ill advised plan. So much for the brethren not leading us astray.

What many women don’t understand is that they come to earth with inherent great faith and heaven-granted authority. If a man is to stand shoulder to shoulder together with his wife as Gods, equal in authority in their own kingdom, then women must have pretty much the same authority as men. It's just that men must learn patience, compassion, service, persuasion, etc. All the things most women are born knowing. (I grant you that many women have those things squeezed out of them by culture, tradition, schooling, family, etc.)

Well, my friend’s wife was not having any of this. She became a bit agitated and voiced the opinion that, as a Relief Society leader, she had always appreciated having the bishop there to guide and counsel her. She couldn’t imagine running her Ward’s Relief Society program without his leadership.

I was floored. This otherwise totally capable woman can’t imagine running things without some man there telling her what to do. Amazing. What milquetoast robots the women of the church have become. I guess that’s the only choice for those women who want to get along in the church without making waves. Become weak and robotically dependent. How sad. 

I don’t think that’s Heavenly Father’s plan at all. I believe he wants women to be independent, self sufficient, confident of their own abilities, and be able to stand equally beside the men with authority and conviction. This woman was weak, on purpose. I felt like saying, “Hey, chicky, grow a pair!” But wisely I didn’t.

Eliza R. Snow and Emma Smith must be rolling over in their graves.

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