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Although it may appear so, I have not been entirely neglecting my duties here at Celestial Thoughts. In point of fact, I have been very busy. It simply does not appear so, I understand. I also understand the disappointment caused by lengthy gaps between posts. I eagerly await new posts from a variety of bloggers.

The next post is a long one. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and I think I’ve wrung about all I can from the subject for now. It is an important subject as I’ve run across its effects now from a number of people. Most are quite intelligent but their eyes are fully engulfed by the wool of celebrity caused by their adoration of certain brethren.

I hope I have not beat a horse well passed its demise with the length of this next post. My humble apologies if you think I could have covered the material by simply saying, “Wake up, people!” I sincerely wish it was that simple.

The other activity that has occupied much time, besides, of course, the issue of attracting additional filthy lucre, bills being what they are, is a task I’ve been pondering over for a year or more. The time has come according to definite promptings to stretch a bit. I’m not particularly of a mind that I will be at all good at the activity but I’m going to start a YouTube channel.

I have not seen anyone with quite the attitude I bring to the table so I hope to add something to the video realm that will be profitable for, at least, some. For those who would rather watch and listen, this will be a good adjunct to the written blog. While I have made audio recordings of some of my posts, a video blog will add a new dimension to the work.

When the first episodes are posted, I’ll make an announcement here so I can embarrass myself before as many folks as possible. Some have said I might actually be somewhat good at the endeavor. We’ll see. I’m simply making the attempt to contribute what I can, where I can.

That’s it.

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