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Recently, I remarked to a semi-hard-core TBM (true-blue Mormon), in the midst of a related conversation, that June 27th of 1844 was the end of the Restoration.

The TBM was visibly blindsided by the remark. It was as if the notion that the Restoration ended at the death of Joseph Smith, had never entered the mind of man until that moment. 

Joseph bought additional time for Nauvoo but was taken because of traitorous disobedience and polygamous ambition. This is a day of mourning for me. 

Sidney Rigdon remained as the last member of the First Presidency and William Marks, president of the Nauvoo high council, supported his leadership. I am somewhat neutral about Sidney Rigdon. He made considerable contributions to the work, he was tarred and feathered with Joseph, and he was severely chastised by Joseph. Sidney presents a number of pros and cons regarding his behavior.

However, and with all due respect, the idea that Brigham and the Twelve should administratively govern the church in mid-1844, after Joseph's murder, stands in open rebellion and disobedience to the Lord's organizational commands in D&C 107. The modern LDS institution's claim that Joseph's bestowing of administrative keys on the Counsel of Fifty, including member and non-member participants, somehow morphs into administrative keys for the Twelve to run things, leaves history and rationality buried in the dust with Joseph and Hyrum.

The Twelve were assigned, by the Lord, to be missionaries with no authority where stakes were organized. I wouldn't be surprised if few people, back then, studied the D&C enough to even be aware of the details in that section. Did Brigham use that ignorance to assist in his rise to power? What about now? If the Twelve didn't have authority then, what makes us think they have it now?

When power and authority have more influence on men than the spirit of the Lord, apostasy soon follows. Not surprisingly, the main organization that claims Joseph as its founder, is completely silent about this important anniversary. As you can plainly tell, this is an emotional day for me. Better words than these were expressed earlier today. Highly recommended:


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